Hello, my name is Alexis and I am 20 years old.

I have often been described by people as loud, noisy, obnoxious, even. But honestly, I’m very quiet. Honestly, I feel like I have a very quiet soul but try to be loud to fit in to this noisy, noisy world. No matter what I would rather be reading or writing, but singing and acting come second to that. Also I love to dance.

When I’m at home where I don’t have to put on an act for the rest of the world I listen to quiet music, and watch movies with dry humour and read books. I get scared when I’m in large groups of people that I don’t know, and cry when fictional characters die. I realize this puts me in the majority of the human race that is in my demographic. Because even though I say these things like they make me unique, there are thousands (perhaps millions) of other girls in the world just like me.

I like to think that I’m witty and funny, I have yet to be told if that is true. I’m currently taking a break from college in order to make money to go back, but I plan to study Theatre and English and get my teaching degree so I can act for a bit, maybe write a book and teach High School English at the school that I graduated from. I have many dreams for myself that include joining the Peace Corps, performing on Broadway, and having a large extravagant wedding. I don’t plan on dying before these things happen. I believe that everyone can live the life they dream of, even if they have to be creative about the route they take to get there.

I am a strong advocate for domestic violence and child abuse awareness, as I am a child abuse survivor. If you have any questions about that topic or need support because you too are or were an abused child, feel free to contact me. I promise I won’t bite.

I don’t know if I have any best friends, because I’m constantly terrified that if I name someone my best friend my feelings won’t be reciprocated or I will hurt someone else’s feelings. But I am extremely close to this girl named Alexa who I live with, and have found good times with Megan (many on here call her Cassie) and Daryn, Nadia, and Peyton. Du Val is a wonderful human being that I wish I could get to know more. Christian is my platonic husband, ask him, he’ll agree, and Samantha is my wife. Bek is my sister from across the sea. This is my rag tag group of companions who I love.

My blog is a compilation of feminism, optimism, rants, and the occasional piece of prose or poetry by me. Hopefully you like it. And if not, chances are I don’t know you, so your opinion doesn’t affect me too much.

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